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Mission Statement


Our Mission is to support and educate youth, adults, parents and healthcare professionals about mental health, the disease of addiction, and the negative effects on families and our communities.  We will provide a safe and caring home environment for those in various stages of recovery and support them throughout their journey.


Our education is concentrated on fentanyl poisoning and prevention of the disease of addiction.  Ideally reducing the stigma associated with the disease of addiction and mental health issues by utilizing the voices of those in recovery, their friends, family members, and healthcare professionals. 


Working together, we can prevent our loved ones from starting down the path towards addiction by providing the tools and education to better understand mental health, combat the disease of addiction and help those with these diseases.

Nicole's Story


Our daughter Nicole, a scholar athlete, participated in volleyball, basketball, softball, track, and rodeo. She was a pianist, she sang in choir, and from an early age she attended St. John's Lutheran Church. Nicole graduated college summa cum laude with a degree in social and human services. However, the mental health issues she lived with eventually led her to self-medicate, and as it does with many people, self-medicating spiraled into the disease of addiction.


Nicole was passionate to help others, and she made a powerful impact while serving as a sponsor through AA and a counselor at Maryhaven, an organization committed to helping people who have mental health issues and the disease of addiction. Nicole relapsed after experiencing three significant traumas.  This relapse led to getting drugs that were laced with fentanyl.  The coroner said there was enough fentanyl in her system to kill an elephant. It takes about 2mg of fentanyl (equivalent to two grains of sand) to kill your loved one. They don't need to have the disease of addiction for this tragedy to happen.


Thanks to the work of Lifeline of Ohio, Nicole's 28th Chapter didn't end with the battle of addiction; she gave the gift of life through organ donation.

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